What are you waiting for?

Mike Edwards
5 min readFeb 10, 2019


I’ve been listening to the book “The four hour work week” by Tim Ferris. It’s a self-help book in which the author describes his life, and how he’s transformed the way he thinks about work so now he only works four hours each week.

The premise is pretty straight forward. Dream about the life you want, then start designing what he refers to as dream lines. A dream line is a timeline by which you will achieve your dreams.

Initially, your dream may be fairly modest, such as getting the new car you’ve always wanted. Then eventually, it might be living the beach life on a tropical island while not worrying about the money you’re making because you have what you need and then some.

The author goes on to push the point of not waiting to go after your dreams.

Waiting waiting waiting

Many of us, including me, spend a lot of our lives waiting for retirement to live our dreams.

I’m 52, and up to about 5–6 years ago retirement was my primary focus. I wanted to escape something holding on to a belief if I just had enough money in the bank I could finally live my life.

Year after year, I put money into my retirement savings. I would meet with my financial advisor who would tell me we’re doing good. Then he’d show me a graph to explain how our savings still fall short of the money we need to live our life during retirement.

Focusing on the scarcity of money would cause me to sacrifice to get ahead. I’d sacrifice a lot of sleep and personal time to shine so I can get an extra half percent on my bonus or raise this year. I’d tell myself giving up all my personal time was OK as I will have time to do what I want when I retire.

It seems our entire societal system is set up to feed this cycle. At least in North America, it starts when you first enter school. The focus is squarely on the grade you find on your report card. Then, when the student passes, there might be a small celebration. The celebration quickly fades as the student focuses on the next grade.

Why are you waiting?

Let’s go back to our topic. Why are you waiting? What needs to be true for you to live the life you want today? As much as I espouse this…



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